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A modern lightweight solid roof in a grey panel finish, Livinroof is ideal for replacing an old conservatory roof. Create a stunning design with shaped and rectangular glazing panels that provide plenty of natural light where you need it most.

Light enough for most existing frames - only 31kgm2

Reduce heating bills - uValue of 0.16

Ideal for Lean-to’s - pitches as low as 5°

Why Choose the Livinroof?

Livinroof is based on conservatory roof design so it’s very intuitive for Conservatory fitters to install. Glazing panels can be chosen anywhere in the roof and can be used to create unique design features when the glazing is shaped. This hybrid roof system meets the demands of home owners who want the cosiness of a solid roof, but want to retain the natural light of their existing conservatory.


Livinroof Technical Overview



Key Product Information


  • A pre-packaged solid roof that can be configured to suit virtually any existing conservatory roof. It can also be fitted with variable pitches and differential pitches without problem.
  • LABC Registered Details demonstrate compliance with Building Regulations.
  • U value of 0.16 W/m2K – warm solid roof, vaulted ceiling.
  • Insulated internal pelmet system set at 300mm projection (ability to vary projection too), better finishing detail at eaves and perfect for cables and lights.
  • Glass panels can be integrated to maintain light into any adjacent room – no additional cost to swap solid roof panels for high performance glazing.
  • Everything is pre-fabricated in our highly efficient factory to ensure rapid fit on site.
  • On a 4m x 4m Georgian, the system weight is 31kg/M² including plasterboard (12kg/m2 polycarbonate roof and 30kg for a glass roof).
Tips for planning your conservatory


Considering the aesthetic appeal, quality and impressive levels of versatility offered by a conservatory, you’ll probably be keen to create your new, prized investment! But, before you dive head first into the decision making process, it is always worth spending a few moments planning your new investment and thinking about any issues that might affect its construction and eventual use.


The position – or aspect – of your conservatory should always influence your natural choice of design, layout and furnishings. Conservatories facing south receive more direct sunlight and as such you might want to consider additional ventilation, blinds and even the use of a performance glass such as Celsius. With north facing conservatories, these issues are less pressing. However, the use of glass as a glazing option to prevent heat loss and overheating is increasing in popularity whatever the location of a conservatory. East facing conservatories catch the early morning sun and make ideal morning or breakfast rooms, whereas west facing rooms catch the evening sunset and are a perfect place to relax after a long day.

Size & Shape

When it comes to conservatories, bigger isn’t always better. What really counts is that you opt for a size and shape that will complement your home and garden – not overpower them. Also don’t be content with a mental picture of your conservatory as plans and measurements on paper can be deceptive. Get a feel for the conservatory area, go outside and mark out the planned boundaries, then walk around within them to get an accurate impression of your conservatory’s dimensions. Remember that the walls will take up space so your conservatory’s interior will be smaller than the area marked.

Planning & Building Regulations

Planning & building regulation requirements can vary across the UK. For more information please visit www.planningportal.gov.uk In all cases, if you have any doubts at all, check with your local authority.

Glazing Options

Think about the type of glazing you’d like to use. Normal glass and polycarbonate will allow solar heat to penetrate into your conservatory, raising the inside temperature on hot summer days. To avoid this, whilst reducing heat loss in winter, opt for Celsius performance glass.

ventilation, ventilation, ventilation

Ensure that you have adequate ventilation so that you can enjoy your conservatory even on the warmest of days. The Wendland roof vent lets fresh air in whilst keeping the elements out. You could also consider roof fans or an air conditioning unit.

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